The Core Team

Amy Spencer – Event Manager

Amy is a Guide Leader at 61st Bristol Guides. She also is the director and founder of Guide Panto in Bristol North West. Amy first dreamed up the concept of Be Prepared in 2010 and, from the first event with around 60 guides, has led the growth of Be Prepared to the 300 young people we now get every single year!

Rhian Jones – Assistant Event Manager and Photographer

Rhian is also a Guide Leader at 61st Bristol Guides. Rhian helps keep Amy sane and ensure the smooth runner of the event.

Harold Binley

Harold has been involved with Be Prepared from the early days, and joined the core team for our 2014 event. As well as helping to prepare for the event, Harold can normally be found walking around the site collecting in scores and processing them during the events, or capturing the event on camera.

Amanda Binley

Whether its keeping Amy sane, keeping everyone fed, or making sure that Harold is doing his job properly, Mandy can often be found busily doing something around the event site!

Other Regular Volunteers

  • Phil Walsh-Atkins (Another pyromaniac)
  • Alex Shire (Head of Pallets)
  • Charlotte Brewer
  • Paul and Claire Baker
  • The members of Bath University Guides and Scouts (Also pyromaniacs!)
  • Jessica Spencer (Pyromaniac in training)