Event Details

Would your Guides or Scouts know how to cope if disaster struck? If mains water, electricity and gas were shut off? If the shops were closed? If they were separated from their friends, family, and everything familiar to them? During Be Prepared, that’s exactly what the participants will learn as they survive the aftermath of a simulated Earthquake

An Earthquake in Bath may be fairly unlikely, but many of the circumstances it produces could happen in any disaster, in the UK or overseas. Your young people will learn to work together as teams, develop their leadership and teamwork skills, and also tick off a few “badgework requirements” along the way. And most of all, they’ll have fun.

Booking and Payment

Book your places on our Scouts day.

Book your places on our Guides day.

The fee for each day is just £10. Payment is required to confirm your booking.

This year 50p of each participants fee will be donated to ShelterBox

Leaders go FREE, (but will be expected to help out on the day!)

On the Day

On the day, participants will be split into “families”, and will work in these families to undertake a variety of activities.

Find out more about the logistics of the day.